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Navigating Remote Work — As A Woman In Tech

Navigating Remote Work — As A Woman In Tech

Remote work has become a new normal in the tech industry, providing employees with flexibility, convenience, and the opportunity to work from anywhere. However, working remotely as a woman in tech can present unique challenges that are often not discussed. Let’s explore these challenges and our Athenaworks strategies for overcoming them.


Isolation. While working remotely, women may feel disconnected from their colleagues, leading to a lack of engagement and support. In contrast, male colleagues may have an easier time establishing relationships and connections with their coworkers. McKinsey and Lean In researchers found, for example, that while both men and women recognize that face time with leaders and informal feedback are important to getting ahead, men get more such feedback and more chances to interact with top leadership.

Athenaworks Solution:

Through our virtual meetings, team-building activities, and dedicated communication channels, we ensure that every employee, regardless of their gender, feels engaged, connected, and supported throughout their remote work journey.

At Athenaworks, we prioritize regular company-wide meetings as a means of fostering a collaborative environment where ideas and experiences can be shared. We host a unique opportunity for our technical team to engage in one-on-one conversations with Maria Eugenia, our SVP of Delivery, during our bimonthly Coffee with Maru sessions. These sessions offer valuable insights into Maria Eugenia’s journey as a woman in the tech industry, as well as her personal stories from her travels and life offline. To further enhance team bonding, we have recently introduced Meet 2 Mingle, a series of company-wide virtual games and competitions that encourage friendly competition and camaraderie among our Athenians.

Challenge: Lack of visibility and recognition. Remote work can make it difficult to get noticed and receive recognition for one’s work. Women in tech often face a gender bias that limits their recognition, and this bias can be even more pronounced in remote work environments.

Athenaworks Solution: Regular check-ins and performance evaluations provide a platform for everyone within our company to showcase their valuable contributions. Our inclusive and transparent approach ensures that talent and hard work are always recognized and rewarded.

Our Kudos initiative serves as a powerful tool for acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of our colleagues and teams. Through written and public recognition, Kudos allows Athenians to express gratitude and give well-deserved shoutouts to their peers. Our Kudos initiative encompasses various categories, including Excellence In Your Work, Inclusive & Diverse, Committed, Empowerment, Big Picture, Proud, and Team Work. By recognizing and highlighting these values, Kudos reinforces our company culture of appreciation and celebration. This program significantly contributes to boosting morale, motivation, and team spirit among our employees, aligning with Athenaworks’ mission and fostering a sense of shared purpose.

Challenge: Lack of mentorship and career development opportunities. Mentors and sponsors play an essential role in supporting women in their career development, providing guidance, and helping to navigate complex organizational structures.

Athenaworks Solution: At Athenaworks, we recognize the significance of personal growth and development. We understand that when Athenians take ownership of their careers, they become more engaged, motivated, and fulfilled in their roles.

We believe that by implementing our newest Learning & Development initiative, Own Your Career, into our company values, we can unlock immense potential and deliver even better technical solutions to our clients. OYC is all about taking responsibility to shape your professional journey. By embracing this mindset, we can foster a culture of continuous learning and development.

Women in tech face unique challenges in remote work environments. These challenges can be overcome by taking proactive steps to build relationships with colleagues, communicate achievements, seek out mentorship opportunities, set boundaries between work and personal life, and report any incidents of discrimination or harassment. By addressing these challenges head-on, women can thrive in remote work environments and achieve their professional goals.
Together, we will shape the future of work.