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Advanced Shared Solution Engineering Team

Access a team of highly specialized and experienced engineers and mitigate delivery risks without cost overruns.

How it works? 

A designated monthly allocation of hours from the ASSET© team is at disposal of our partners at no further costs, seamlessly integrated into Athenaworks’s value proposition.

The goal with ASSET© is to enhance our partners experience and technical investments by providing highly specialized and experienced engineers to solve domain specific challenges.

Partners can make use of these hours for any of the domain-based services that best suit their current needs.

Here's how you can leverge it: 

Empowering Project Success

Our Engineerings bring technical knowledge to solve your project's biggest challenges. Develop talent and scale workforce fluency and adoption with hands-on expertise.

Examples of use cases:

  • Code Reviews.
  • Domain-specific best practices.
  • Automation Testing for a given need.
  • Migrations support.


The Consulting team covers the full project lifecycle: from assessment and planning to deployment and optimization, to help de-risk and accelerate your journey towards achieving milestones.

Examples of use cases:

  • Technology adoption strategy.
  • Data Analytics project guidelines.
  • Quality Co-Design execution strategy.
  • Infrastructure resources upgrades.

Your Revenue Ally

Make use of this capacity to unlock your revenue potential by accelerating your technical milestones, without impacting your planned budget.

Examples of use cases:

  • Execute PoCs to validate new ideas.
  • Tackle your technical debt.
  • Unlock your yearly milestones.
  • Increase market revenue by parallelizing project executions.
  • Cloud cost optimization.

Operational SLA & Security

Non-Functional support encompass a range of offerings tailored to enhance the performance, reliability, and scalability of IT systems.

Examples of use cases:

  • Scalability Assessment.
  • Resilience strategy, planning and development.
  • Security auditing to identify vulnerabilities, risks & compliance gaps.
  • Performance Optimization, tuning strategies, reduce latency, warm-up cloud services.

Our services are structured
around 7 distinct knowledge domains.

User Experience

Use Case Documentation
UI/UX Design & Optimization

 UX Feedback & Testing

Data Engineering, Analytics & AI

DBA & Performance Optimization

 Datawarehouse, Data Lake
ETL & Streaming Data Pipelines



Product Management

 Engineering Management
Scrum Coach

Quality Assurance & Testing

Test Case & Execution Management

 Manual & Automated Testing
Stress, Performance, Scalability
Device, Resolution, & Browser Portability

Application Engineering

Web & Mobile Apps
Microservices API
Business Process Integration
Async Message Queues
In-Memory Caching


Multimodal Data Modeling
OLTP/Lake/DW Data Modeling
Cloud Native vs Cloud Neutral
Containers vs Serverless
Polling vs Event Driven & Streaming

Infrastructure & Security


 Cloud Architecture & Cost Optimization

 Cyber Security & Data Privacy

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