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Global Rightsourcing

Round the clock software engineering and support with nearshore, offshore & onshore talent.

Global Rightsourcing

Round the clock software engineering and support for SAAS products with nearshore, offshore, onshore talent.

Optimize costs and improve delivery speed with the help of a global right sourced team led by women.

What is an ASSET©?

Access a team of highly specialized and experienced engineers and mitigate delivery risks without cost overruns.

Designed to enhance partner experiences and optimize technical investments, ASSET© provides expertise across all areas of software engineering.

Our Solutions
powered by ASSET©

Managed Staffing

Augment your engineering team with Athenians.

  • Top 1% of engineers in LATAM, India, and US.
  • Athenian staff is supported by our highly experienced core team.
  • Staff trained with design thinking to deliver high code quality.
  • Staff experienced with robust DevOps delivery processes.
  • Excellent English and proactive communication.

Managed Solutions

Managed and on-demand teams for:

  • Ideation & MVP planning.
  • UX/UI Design.
  • Application & Data Architecture.
  • Cloud Performance & Scalability.
  • Cloud Cost Optimization.
  • Test Automation.
  • DevOps Process & Setup.
  • Cybersecurity.

& many more solutions.