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Why We Need More Women in Leadership

Why We Need More Women in Leadership

Over the last decades, women have significantly increased their participation in the job market, even in areas once considered more “masculine,” such as engineering, basic sciences, and technology. However, there is still a significant gender gap in leadership positions within organizations.

Faced with this scenario, inevitable questions arise: What can be done to have more women in executive positions in companies? What is the path to achieving gender balance? Why is it still surprising to see a woman as a CEO?
At ATHENAWORKS, we believe that the only way to transform organizational cultures is from the core of the companies. Building teams committed to inclusion and diversity, where there are opportunities for everyone, and where women can develop and fully exploit their potential. This will bring excellent individual and business results.
In this regard, Ana Martínez, CEO of ATHENAWORKS, added: “Organizations that promote a participatory space and drive improvement from leadership, regardless of gender, culture, or beliefs, are very enriching because they allow each person to be inspired to give their best. Diversity brings diversity, and that advantage allows us to create strong teams and, in turn, continue to grow.”

Women are innovators, they face today’s challenges and pave the way for tomorrow’s solutions. They are scientists, technologists, mothers, caregivers, mentors, and possess many more qualities.

According to an article published by Forbes magazine, female inclusion is increasing, and there are now more women sitting at the boards of organizations. However, the challenge is for them to continue leveraging their talents to keep growing and securing their space in leadership roles. Companies that do not embrace this change will be under the spotlight of non-inclusion and will miss out on business opportunities.

That’s why, at ATHENAWORKS, we encourage female leaders to take on the role that will allow them to evolve in their careers and pave the way for other women to feel supported, accompanied, and empowered in all aspects of life they face.

We are committed to continuing to seek mechanisms to break gender gaps and work towards building a more conscious, inclusive, and equitable society for all.