The Power of Community For Women In Tech

The Power of Community For Women In Tech

As of 2022, women only make up 26% of the technology industry. That being said, there needs to be a collective effort to establish a balance of representation in the field. Let’s discuss the power of community for women in tech.

What is community? 

The sharing similar values or thought processes with two or more people. If you are in a safe space, where you feel included, where you feel you belong and truly thrive from, that’s your community. And it is extremely important. Why? Because these people are your cheerleaders, you learn from them and they are your support system.

Having a mentor can increase the chances of promotion for men, yet research has shown that it has no effect on the promotion of women. Surprising? There has never been a time where we need our support system to help us grow, help us belong and help us show up as our most authentic selves than right now.

Advocating for fellow women in your field empowers them and could increase the opportunities to advocate for women at work can impact a business in more ways than one. The more one leans on an advocate to stand up for them, the greater the chances for one to assume increased responsibility and leadership positions in their respective areas.

Women supporting women should be at the heart of any organization. Women have always been excluded in workplaces, social settings and business networks. It’s up to them to pull up a chair at the table if it won’t be presented to them. Gender prejudices have forced women to build these communities and circles or women, knowing they can safely have eachothers backs, and realizing we are stronger together.

The Fundamentals of Women Communities:

  1. To find a safe space
  2. To find personal and professional support
  3. To find new opportunities
  4. To learn… and unlearn
  5. To amplify the voices of women
  6. To find your cheerleaders

As women, we are multidimensional, wanting to succeed in every aspect of life. That be at home, in our careers, our friendships. If you are part of a women for women community, encourage your girls to go for their dreams, set high expectations and tell them that they are more than capable of achieving them.

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