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The Future of STEM: Ways to Nurture the Next Generation of Techies

The Future of STEM: Ways to Nurture the Next Generation of Techies

The role of education and technology in our future is paramount..

Educational programs or initiatives that promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) provide an excellent opportunity to infuse technology into the learning process from the very beginning. Business and education experts agree that STEM education better prepares students and opens the door to greater career options. The highest-paying jobs today often have a foundation in STEM education, such as engineering. Most of the highest-paid college majors are in engineering.

For those involved in primary education, this is the prime place to start emphasizing and promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

There is much that can be done to help young minds become masters of STEM. Here are ways to nurture the next generation of techies:


As with any subject area, having a positive attitude toward STEM disciplines will make a big difference in a young person’s learning. If you hear them say, “I’m not good at math,” help them remember areas where they have excelled and praise the effort they put in at that time: “Remember how you struggled with your multiplication tables in elementary school? You worked hard and mastered them! I’m sure you can do the same with algebra.”

Show Relevance

It also helps if teenagers see that studying STEM subjects is useful (and can be fun!). STEM subjects are not just about numbers, theories, and formulas; they also develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking that are valuable across all areas of life. If young people are passionate about environmental issues, for example, they can use science to understand causes and effects, and build persuasive arguments for change: “I never realized how important it was to do that until you explained the science behind it.”


Young minds can learn a lot from STEM subjects without even realizing it. Do they love reading science fiction? Great; they’re engaging with science and technology. Do they play computer games where they have to build bridges or entire worlds? Excellent; they’re using concepts of physics and engineering. Do they watch TV shows about scientific myths or archaeology or space exploration? Fantastic; those are valuable in STEM too.


There are many occupations and even recreational activities that require STEM skills and knowledge. STEM can set a child on the path to becoming a pilot, broadcast technician, farmer, or a career they hadn’t even thought of yet!


Mentoring is another significant support. Mentors can guide apprentices up the corporate ladder, creating a support network for individuals to have tools to deal with particularly challenging workplace situations that could hinder their progress or longevity in their careers. Become a Mentor!

Creating an Equal, Diverse, and Inclusive Industry

We all stand to gain every day in this industry. If we do, we’ll have a chance to close the growing societal gap in technological skills. This has never been more critical as more and more companies are undergoing digital transformations at an accelerated pace.

We’re not entirely sure what the future of work will look like after a pandemic, but one thing we know for sure is that it’s changing. We’ll need everyone on board. To do so, companies must ensure all members of their teams have what it takes to be their best “techies.”

This is the only way we can face the challenges the future holds and turn them into opportunities for all.