Addressing Underrepresentation in Tech

Addressing Underrepresentation in Tech

We, as Latinos, are greatly underrepresented, as are most minorities. And there is work to be done. Below, we explain why we believe this is important and how we can continue to make a difference:

Technology is the only industry that shapes all others. So, representation in technology truly matters.

If you work in a technology consulting firm, or have in the past, you’ve likely noticed that clients come from all industries and types of companies. However, most turn to us or similar companies seeking help in shaping their present and future through technology.

Our industry is changing the world, and it is the responsibility of our companies to ensure that professionals who can innovate for a more inclusive version of it are hired: we need more Black, Latinx, women, LGBTQ+ voices to be represented in the industry that is shaping the world. And beyond ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation, we need to bring people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, with different educational experiences, who speak different languages, who live in different health and ability circumstances to the workplace. Diversity needs intersectionality for its impact to be truly positive.

Diversity requires intention. It is a powerful statement that can change culture.

Intentional diversity is VERY important for companies: it provides perspective, challenges unconscious biases, combats ignorance, and pushes companies and their employees to be better – to do better – as agents of change. While navigating a journey of diversity and inclusion is a massive task for companies, small steps matter.

If society isn’t ready, work for a company that is.

We have a long way to go to achieve equality. Society may not be ready – but you can seek out a company that is… or at least one that is genuinely putting significant efforts into enabling diversity and equality, especially at a leadership level.

ATHENAWORKS was co-founded by two women and has a 3:1 women-to-men ratio in the leadership team. Can we agree that we are living in the future? We are far more advanced compared to other companies in the technology industry.

If you manage a diverse group of people, here’s a tip: treat everyone as individuals.

When asked if managers should treat male and female employees equally, or differently due to how different genders experience the world, treat everyone as individuals. Our responsibility as people managers is to know everyone who works for us. Make sure to build relationships with each of your employees in a way that works for both. There are tools or assessments that can assist with this process of getting to know team members, and those that focus on strengths tend to be the most helpful.

Allies are always welcome, and a humble approach makes a difference.

If you’re a man advocating for women, or a white person advocating for people of color, first and foremost: THANK YOU. People with systemic power and privileges can help other groups accelerate our path to equality. Here’s a tip: more than seeking to have your own voice as an ally, aim to amplify the voices of the group you support. This will make a difference.

We see each other, we rise, and we must work hard and intentionally to make ourselves visible to each other – and to our communities.