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5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Being a woman in today’s world is not easy. While we may have come a long way from the repression of rights, we still live in a predominantly patriarchal society, which makes celebrating International Women’s Day more vital than ever.

Today, we see women in the military, working in space, and serving as CEOs of Fortune companies. However, reaching this point has been the result of a path filled with many struggles. The feminist movement brought about significant changes in the lives of women around the world.

What is International Women’s Day?

Celebrated every August 26th, International Women’s Day pays tribute to the women’s suffrage movement in the United States and commemorates the obstacles women had to overcome on their journey to progress.

It reminds us of those strong women who faced violence and discrimination merely because they belonged to a gender minority.

Voting is a fundamental civil right in a democratic country, but it wasn’t always so. A group of women in the early 19th century in the United States began to stir and raise their voices for equal voting rights.

This revolutionary decision underscores the significance of International Women’s Day in today’s world. This date celebrates the achievements of activists who fought for women’s rights and reminds us of the daily struggles women go through.

5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day at the Office

1. Empower Women

As a manager or leader, you should think about improving the lives of young women in the community. This August, you can show your support by encouraging more opportunities for women. Here are some ways to promote girls’ empowerment:

  • Establish a specific internship program for women.
  • Promote STEM careers for girls.

Doing so helps enhance diversity and inclusion within companies, promoting equity in the workplace and a better corporate culture.

2. Support a Cause

In this postmodern world, women’s suffrage is limited to social media only, but many modern causes need compassionate supporters.

This International Women’s Day, volunteer as a team and turn it into a team-building activity. Develop a project and discuss its execution. Ensure the project focuses on women: an excellent initiative to raise awareness and team bonding.

Here are some projects to brainstorm and work on as a team:

  • Consider doing charity work for homeless women.
  • Organize lunches and learning sessions with some prominent women leaders in your region.

3. Listen to Women

Wondering how to improve the working conditions for female staff in your company? Well, all you need to do is ask them!

Many cases of harassment, workplace discrimination, and subjugation go unnoticed or even unreported. This is due to social stigmas and the humiliation associated with them. To address such uncomfortable situations for women and report predators at work, you need to listen to them. Moreover, you can do it in an innovative and confidential manner. Here are some possible ways:

  • Institute a suggestion box.
  • Conduct employee surveys.
  • Offer individual input on ways to enhance job satisfaction and safety for women at work.

4. Update Your Library

Education and awareness are the best ways to celebrate equal rights! And what better way than reading some of the great feminist authors on International Women’s Day to help everyone reset their patriarchal worldview.

Reading is a relaxing and mindful activity that helps you connect with the outside world. So, to help you associate feminism and women’s rights, we’d like to recommend some fantastic books that will provide you with insights into gender equality.

We Should All Be Feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
Men Explain Things To Me – Rebecca Solnit.
The Second Sex – Simone de Beauvoir.
Feminine Mystique – Betty Friedan.
Sexual Politics – Kate Millett.

5. Spread the Word

Finally, to commemorate International Women’s Day, you can simply spread the word and announce the occasion to draw the necessary attention.

Take it to social media. Change your logo to support the event and ask your design team to come up with interesting ideas.

Happy International Women’s Day

ATHENAWORKS supports equal labor rights for women. We are dedicated to improving their conditions throughout the year, not just on this date.

We believe that all companies should promote equality along with diversity and inclusion to make their workplaces safe spaces for all employees, especially women.

And having said that, ATHENAWORKS wishes you a happy International Women’s Day!