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Why should be Athenian?

Why should be Athenian?

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re curious to know what it’s really like to work at ATHENAWORKS. You might even be looking for a new job opportunity. The good news is, I’m about to share some details and secrets about what it’s like to work remotely for the company

An Athenian Anatomy:

The way I came to ATHENAWORKS is a story in itself. The recruitment process was flawless. Quick responses, always kind and welcoming. Our Recruiting Team is made up of professionals who work hard and seek the best candidate for the position.

ATHENAWORKS has a spectacular internship program for college students or individuals starting their professional journey. One of the program’s foundations is to seek more young people and women of all ages interested in working in the Tech industry!

The mentoring provided by the leadership team and project leaders is a perfect learning experience that any student could be seeking. A space to fail and learn from mistakes, to recognize successes and acknowledgments. Best of all, a genuine team spirit.

The Delivery Team is composed of exceptional and agile engineers working towards Best-in-Class Solutions, ensuring all our clients feel comfortable and satisfied. At ATHENAWORKS, we welcome engineers from all walks of life and from any part of the world with open arms.

Our mission as a company is to empower women and minorities in the tech industry. To ensure that all voices are heard and taken into account.

At ATHENAWORKS, you will experience the impossible. Think of a moment (and I’m sure there are many of those) when someone said, “companies led by women will never work.”

And what do you think? ATHENAWORKS has worked, and very successfully for over three years! And we continue to grow exponentially!

Curious Facts:

We are led by women and have gender balance! We have no gender pay gap in any of the internal areas; we ensure that each person receives compensation commensurate with their knowledge and experience, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or physical abilities.

Since ATHENAWORKS is 100% remote, every employee can choose where they want to work from. Without wasting time waiting in traffic, no boring offices, and best of all, you only need to look presentable from the waist up. It means you can work in your pajama pants! Another advantage is that you can schedule your day. Remote workers have many advantages and flexibilities that allow them to maintain a balance between personal and work life. Choose your work schedule!

To enhance the remote work experience, ATHENAWORKS offers benefits such as online gym courses and online learning courses in any activity that interests you. Want to learn more about coding, marketing, or even a new language? These courses are provided by the company to meet the needs of Athenians!

I can only imagine your interest in knowing about our open positions. You’re in luck! We’re looking for people who are excited and driven to fulfill our mission as much as we are.

By clicking here, you can go directly to our application page or read more details about the company on our website.

Are you ready to experience the impossible?