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This is how Athenaworks creates an inclusive LGBTQ+ workforce

This is how Athenaworks creates an inclusive LGBTQ+ workforce

LGBTQ+ inclusion is so important for making sure everyone feels safe and comfortable in bringing their authentic selves to work. It is well-known that diverse organizations outperform less-diverse competitors in revenue, profits, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

First of all, what does “LGBTQ+” means? LGBTQ+ includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. Other sexualities can feature under the plus symbol (for example intersex people, pansexuality, asexuality, and people who are questioning their sexuality/gender identity).

The amazing benefits of being an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace extend beyond making sure employees of all sexualities and gender expressions feel safe, valued and respected, though this is the primary reason. LGBTQ+ inclusive workplaces benefit businesses too in terms of productivity, profitability, higher employee retention, greater ambition and readiness to innovate, and many more.

Hiring people from different backgrounds to maintain diversity isn’t sustainable without a culture of inclusion that truly welcomes all individuals for who they are and encourages everyone to be themselves. That is why at Athenaworks we create a culture of empowerment, diversity and equality for talent everywhere. Our approach emphasizes equal access, equal pay, and equal opportunities for every member of our team. 

What do we do at our company to create an inclusive workplace?

  1. Our teams are inclusive to all and intentionally gender and wage-balanced to establish diversity, inclusion and equality. We make it part of the way we do business each day, making it part of our values.

  2. Our hiring process gives everyone the same opportunity to be part of Athenaworks, we achieve this by recruiting great people from diverse backgrounds, preferences, etc. The users of products are diverse so the people behind the technology should be too, don’t you think?

  3. We embrace, encourage and empower each team member to be their honest self.

  4. We support, participate and celebrate ​​LGBTQ+ history and events. By this, we mean that we get involved and become an active ally of supporting LGBTQ+ community causes, parades, etc. This is a great learning opportunity for all team members and to continuously spread awareness of what we stand for. 

Diversity and inclusion are beyond just words and saying the company is “inclusive”. Successful and equitable companies are the ones that take words into actions, demonstrating that you are interested and deeply involved in the discussion around LGBTQ+ rights and most importantly, willing to invest your time to help make changes, also in recognizing and respecting the team’s unique perspectives, needs, and potential. 

If you want to impact millions of different people in the world, you have to be inclusive and have a workforce that understands and identifies with each community you want to reach, that is why it is so important to take into account different races, preferences, genders, opinions, etc. Wouldn’t you agree?

Hope this works as an inspiration for many companies to adopt a more inclusive LGBTQ+ culture. Because happy, respected people, where they feel valued, feel their most authentic selves, will create great things.