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The Cool of Inclusivity

The Cool of Inclusivity

As someone that does not work in the fashion world, sometimes (well often) I find myself playing catch up to the latest trends, news, and OMG moments that happen. But this past Saturday as I was catching up on the news I came across Moschino’s Spring/Summer 2022 Runway Show photos from New York Fashion Week. And there she was…Aaron Rose Philip. beautiful, chic, graceful, and fashionable. The first Black Disabled Transgender model ever to grace the runway for a couture brand. And at the end of the show, Creative Director Jeremy Scott brought Aaron Rose back out on the runway so the crowd could properly celebrate her historic walk.

I was moved beyond words. So much was represented, stated, refuted, and affirmed that I leave it better for a poet than for my meager attempts. But at that moment, Moschino became the coolest fashion brand on the planet. And stepped into the future of inclusion forever. Aaron Rose said after the show; “Disabled people, models, and talents matter so much and we can do so much as long as the steps are taken to accommodate us properly.”

What did Moschino accommodate? They accommodated her humanity. They didn’t sacrifice professionalism or ability because Aaron Rose is a professional model signed to a major agency since 2018. So make no mistake, this was not charity. This was the simple acknowledgment by Moschino that infinite beauty and potential lies within all of us. And if given the same chance as any other individual all of us can shine like a start on a runway. Aaron Rose put it this way; “Black trans girls and women matter and are beautiful and I thank God that we are being realized more and more for the gentle souls that we are.”

When you are building your organization focus on ability without bias, open the opportunity doors as wide as possible, challenge yourself to be inclusive, and realize the potential in all people regardless of their humanity. Do it and you might just become the coolest brand in your space.