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AWS Lambda: cold start – how do you prevent and reduce it?

AWS Lambda cold start in serverless architecture

When using a serverless cloud architecture based on AWS Lambda functions, it is crucial to define and set the optimal parameters for the functions to run efficiently and without latency at initialization, also called Cold Start. A cold start in serverless architecture occurs when an inactive function is executed for the first time. This happens […]

How to Build Diverse Teams

People are creatures of habit.  Just think of how many times you’ve gone to your local coffee shop and ordered the exact same coffee order. Once you find something that you like and works, you tend to stick with it. However, in business, this “stick with what you know” mentality often means that companies hire […]

Can’t Focus? Here’s What To Do About It

It can be hard to stay productive and self-motivated when you’re facing a computer screen all day. We’ve all been there… you get dozed off staring out your window, twiddling your thumbs, putting off your next task, or checking your phone every 2 minutes because you think you heard it vibrate. Time goes by, and before […]