Python in Action: Elevate Your Business Solutions

strategies to help you start writing better Python code for your solutions

Python has become the go-to programming language for many solutions due to its versatility, readability, and robust ecosystem of libraries. Whether you’re automating processes, developing backend systems, or creating powerful data analysis tools, Python has a lot to offer. However, writing high-quality Python code is crucial to ensure the efficiency, reliability, and maintainability of your […]

How To Better Communicate As A Team

How To Better Communicate As A Team

In today’s rapidly evolving work landscape, remote teams have become the norm rather than the exception. At Athenaworks, effective communication is the bedrock of our success. As a seasoned Athenian, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the transformative power of strong communication within remote teams. In this blog, let’s discuss  invaluable insights and strategies […]

Embracing the Future: Introducing the New Athenaworks

Welcome to a new chapter of Athenaworks! We are thrilled to reintroduce ourselves with a brand new look and a renewed sense of purpose. As a software solutions company, we have undergone a remarkable transformation that aligns with our evolving mission, vision, and values. In this blog post, we invite you to discover what has […]

Navigating Remote Work — As A Woman In Tech

Remote work has become a new normal in the tech industry, providing employees with flexibility, convenience, and the opportunity to work from anywhere. However, working remotely as a woman in tech can present unique challenges that are often not discussed. Let’s explore these challenges and our Athenaworks strategies for overcoming them. Challenge: Isolation. While working […]

Shattered Glass: Effective Ways To  Be A Leader & Improve

Leadership in the tech industry is critical, and women, in particular, have to shatter the glass ceiling to reach these leadership roles. Noemi Leon, Lead Engineer at Athenaworks has over a decade of experience in tech, leading engineering teams and advocating for diversity and inclusion in tech. In this post, Noemi will share her insights […]

What It Means To Be A Senior Dev: The Handbook

As technology continues to rapidly advance, the role of a senior developer has become increasingly crucial in ensuring the success of a software development team. But what exactly does it mean to be a senior dev? In this interview-style blog post, I talked to fellow Athenian and senior developer, Mariana Carballal and she dove into […]

New Year, New Career: Tips To Score  A Job In Tech In 2023

Have you made getting a new job in 2023 one of your new year’s resolutions? Well, the best way to find a high-paying job is in the tech industry and now could be the perfect time to start searching for a new opportunity! Research shows that the beginning of each year is the best time […]

How to Build Diverse Teams

People are creatures of habit.  Just think of how many times you’ve gone to your local coffee shop and ordered the exact same coffee order. Once you find something that you like and works, you tend to stick with it. However, in business, this “stick with what you know” mentality often means that companies hire […]

Elon Musk Says Goodbye To Remote Work: What does this mean?

Elon Musk bought twitter for a whopping $44 billion dollars. What does this mean for the future of Twitter employees and the effects it has on technology as we know it?   Musk announced the rules with which Twitter will operate as a company from now on and caused controversy among workers, not only due to […]

The Hidden Costs of A Slow Interview Process

When you don’t hire you’re losing money, not saving it After submitting a job application, the inevitable question that follows is “when will I hear back from the company?”  While it is important to make the best hiring decision, long delays in doing so resentfully affect company performance and revenue. Why? Most importantly, Loss of […]