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The Core challenge for any venture is finding great people that will produce great results. Like a good software product, our approach is intuitive and straightforward. We designed our process to be uncomplicated and made it easy for work to quickly begin toward your ideal result.

As a virtual first organization, we are unencumbered by the needs of typical solutions providers to force your project into a "pod" or some other branded solution. We work the way you need us to work. That means our delivery will always be agile, effective, and tailored to your company. And since our process incorporates a responsive domestic team that oversees our nearshore engineering teams. Your needs can always be met by our affordable globally diverse approach.


tell us the need

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we build the team

and present their qualifications


review & approve

the team and they start working on your project


delivered by us

Our purpose-built solutions can help your organization address challenges such as Technical Debt, Automation, New Applications, Data Science, Becoming Agile…or any other technology need essential towards achieving your strategic goals.
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managed by you

Sometimes all you need are a few great people to help the team win.

We are experts at hiring and building inclusive, diverse, and gender-balanced teams. Our proprietary FIT5 process goes beyond the needed technical skills and uncovers the key traits that are essential to long-term success within any development environment or team configuration.


Rapid high fidelity

You tell us what exists only in your mind. And we’ll build a detailed delivery plan that will take your concept from ideation to a high fidelity clickable mockup of your prototype. Your mockup will be easily understood by potential investors, stakeholders, developers, and customers.

And when you are ready we can quickly build your MVP prototype so that you can test it with your users.

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Agile coaching
for virtual teams

The right agile approach can transform any organization and give it the best chance at consistent positive outcomes. However Agile is hardly a “one size fits all” methodology. The right implementation for the new realities of development teams requires customization and tuning.

Our proven Agile Coaches will immerse themselves in your technology organization to guide your people on effective lean values and practices for todays virtual first teams.

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At AthenaWorks we constantly strive to be fluent in the latest emerging technologies, as well as the ones that many businesses will still depend on for years to come.
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