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Role Models are Key in Gender Diversity

Role Models are Key in Gender Diversity

These individuals are important, especially for women in Tech.

Several studies demonstrate that role models have a greater benefit for women due to long-standing gender biases, institutional barriers, and negative stereotypes they have faced.

Why do diverse role models work in gender diversity?

Visibility of role models makes it easier for men to identify them 

For the male gender, it is difficult to imagine that women can be good executives without a visible reference. Once they see it, they consider it possible.

Women inspire other women

The ability of women to see themselves as managers or leaders is influenced by the fact that other women also hold these positions. When women see other women in these roles, it’s easier for them to imagine themselves in those positions and they are more likely to step forward.

To see different possibilities

Female engineers often hear discouraging comments in social gatherings like, “Wow, an engineer, isn’t that uncommon?” and “I’m sure that’s difficult, isn’t it?”.

These comments don’t help. It’s like running a marathon and instead of receiving encouragement, people point out how difficult running a marathon is. It makes it harder to keep believing that you’ll actually reach the finish line.

How to choose role models correctly in gender diversity?

Choose a “nearby” role model”

Inviting highly successful or extremely accomplished speakers, especially female role models, can sometimes have the wrong impact; it discourages those who want to follow their example. They look at the successful person who is so far from their own experience that it discourages the idea or possibility of reaching that position. When choosing role models, also include those who are 1 or 2 steps ahead of your professional goals.

Diversify the examples to optimize the relationship

Following different styles, stories, personalities, and perspectives broadens thinking and makes it easier for everyone to aspire to what they want to be.

Diversity matters in all its forms, which is why it’s important to highlight all those who have paved a path to leadership in any area of life, as it allows others to identify and seek that inspiring path that opens the opportunity to reach their ideal future. Because let’s be realistic, not all women reach the top, and not all women aspire to do so.


It’s important to give prominence to those who can serve as inspiration, whether within or outside an organization. Demonstrating gender equity is important, whether through internal company events or in terms of training sessions or internal and external speakers.

By creating visibility, you can effectively challenge gender stereotypes on purpose.

Your story can inspire any young person to take a leap of faith in themselves.

It’s important to start harnessing the untapped potential of all professionals; bring their full share of talents and leadership strengths to all decision-making arenas.