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Diversity in Tech: Are We Making Progress?

Diversity in Tech: Are We Making Progress?

Today, the LGBTQ+ community, women, and minorities continue to face unwarranted challenges, lack of opportunities, and misunderstanding and intolerance from those who are more concerned with beliefs and social issues, hindering the development of diverse and inclusive cultures.

At ATHENAWORKS, we want to look back a few years to highlight some global leaders and role models who have been instrumental in driving the evolution of technology and science while promoting inclusivity for all communities.

  1. Lynn Conway, a pioneer in the development of IBM chips and a transgender woman, made significant discoveries in technology and innovation in various tech industry companies. Conway faced dismissals and rejections and had to hide her identity for a long time. Today, at the age of 78, she enjoys a fulfilling life with her partner, knowing that she contributed important advances in the field and fought for equality.
  2. Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, came out about his sexual orientation in 2014 to empower others to face their situation, provide support for those who feel alone, and inspire others to advocate for gender equity.
  3. Ana Arriola, a partner and product designer at Microsoft, bravely revealed her sexual orientation and is now a General Manager in Artificial Intelligence and Research, working on designing human-centered and ethical products.

Technology companies are going through rapid growth processes that demand the need to build and work in organizational cultures that reflect their values, empowering their teams to develop professionally while being exactly who they are.

At ATHENAWORKS, we believe that diversity in companies is a competitive advantage. The range of cultures, styles, and different ways of seeing the world undoubtedly offer better business perspectives, but more importantly, they allow employees to freely develop themselves.

Building bi-directional communication when faced with a diverse and open group is an opportunity to value all ideas and proposals, as it fosters a more transparent, trustworthy, and close conversation. In a diverse group, there will be different perspectives because each person has their way of approaching situations. The key is to maintain a good understanding of the business.

The road to diversity and inclusion is long, but we know it is not endless. We see how fear is slowly diminishing, and acceptance is advancing. We dream of a time when every person, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, can have enriching work experiences that contribute to building their identity and drive them professionally.

At ATHENAWORKS, we contribute every day to the goal of reducing misconceptions and prejudices that fuel discrimination.