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Why Tech Startups Led by Women Are A Better Bet To Invest In

Did you know that women-led businesses perform better, with women-led teams getting a 35% higher return on investment than all-male teams? “Women-led startups outperform those led by men in almost all areas. They are faster to adapt, more solution-oriented, more profitable, provide higher-quality customer experience, and are more socially responsible.” [Harvard Business Review, 2021] So […]

This is how Athenaworks creates an inclusive LGBTQ+ workforce

LGBTQ+ inclusion is so important for making sure everyone feels safe and comfortable in bringing their authentic selves to work. It is well-known that diverse organizations outperform less-diverse competitors in revenue, profits, productivity, and employee satisfaction. First of all, what does “LGBTQ+” means? LGBTQ+ includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. Other sexualities can […]