A Clear Path of Our Digital Solutions Journey

The future just keeps rolling, with ever evolving technology and constant innovation. At Athenaworks we took the future into our hands, by putting people first. Our Athenians and clients are the force to our success so we focus on building strong connections with every single one of them to deliver quality digital solutions. We can help […]

Women & The FinTech Era

One might think that in an advanced industry like financial technology (FinTech), gender diversity could be a minor issue, but it’s not. While there are more women in FinTech than ever before, there is still much work to be done to address the representation and influence of women in this sector.But how are things going […]

Why Tech is More Than Just Coding

It’s a false and common misconception to think that the technology industry is only for geeks and nerds, and we’d be happy to debunk this myth. First of all, IT (Information Technology) IS NOT JUST CODING. But wait, there’s more: IT is awesome! And we need more women here! Everyone tells you that IT is […]

How to Get More Women into STEM Careers

There is a significant gender gap that cannot be ignored when it comes to STEM careers. How can we attract more women to choose STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)? Explore these four ways to incentivize more women to enter male-dominated careers. In this way, we continue to contribute to closing the gap. We now […]

Addressing Underrepresentation in Tech

We, as Latinos, are greatly underrepresented, as are most minorities. And there is work to be done. Below, we explain why we believe this is important and how we can continue to make a difference: Technology is the only industry that shapes all others. So, representation in technology truly matters. If you work in a […]

The Future of STEM: Ways to Nurture the Next Generation of Techies

The role of education and technology in our future is paramount.. Educational programs or initiatives that promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) provide an excellent opportunity to infuse technology into the learning process from the very beginning. Business and education experts agree that STEM education better prepares students and opens the door to greater career […]

ATHENAWORKS: Interview Guide

Are you looking for a job? Perhaps you’re re-entering the workforce for the first time in years, needing a change, exploring new options, or maybe it’s your first step into the professional world outside of university! Job interviews can be the most overwhelming part of the process; we understand. Fortunately, you have us to guide […]

Why We Need More Women in Leadership

Over the last decades, women have significantly increased their participation in the job market, even in areas once considered more “masculine,” such as engineering, basic sciences, and technology. However, there is still a significant gender gap in leadership positions within organizations. Faced with this scenario, inevitable questions arise: What can be done to have more […]

Diversity in Tech: Are We Making Progress?

Today, the LGBTQ+ community, women, and minorities continue to face unwarranted challenges, lack of opportunities, and misunderstanding and intolerance from those who are more concerned with beliefs and social issues, hindering the development of diverse and inclusive cultures. At ATHENAWORKS, we want to look back a few years to highlight some global leaders and role […]

How We Can Improve Diversity in Tech

The conversation about improving diversity in tech is too complex to summarize in a single article. What does it mean to be a diverse company? How will it look when a company or industry has “achieved” diversity? Is it something attainable? Or is the human race so varied that, while we can (and should) strive […]