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ATHENAWORKS: Interview Guide

ATHENAWORKS: Interview Guide

Are you looking for a job? Perhaps you’re re-entering the workforce for the first time in years, needing a change, exploring new options, or maybe it’s your first step into the professional world outside of university!

Job interviews can be the most overwhelming part of the process; we understand. Fortunately, you have us to guide you.

Here are our top tips for conducting a successful interview:

Make a Great First Impression

While it’s good for your outfit and hairstyle to look nice, the first impression isn’t just about how you look. A great first impression can be achieved through how you speak, act, and respond to questions. Body language and nonverbal cues also play a significant role in how you’re perceived, so try to relax and don’t forget to make eye contact!

Whether for an interview, meeting someone at a networking event, or having an important conversation with your boss, emotional intelligence [Capacity for self-reflection: Identifying one’s own emotions and regulating them appropriately] can go a long way.

Some ways to apply emotional intelligence include:

  • Focus: eliminate distractions (like notifications on your phone) and give your full attention to your interviewer.
  • Common Ground: try to find a topic that your interviewer is passionate about (whether related to the job or not) and get them talking about it.

Show Your Soft/Social Skills

You might not perfectly match the job description, but that’s okay! Research has found that women feel the need to meet 100% of the requirements in a job ad, whereas men only need to meet 60% of the requirements to apply. Remember that you can learn new tools and systems, but your social skills are invaluable. In fact, up to 64% of hiring managers agree that people with strong social skills are more likely to get a job.

Today’s employers prioritize soft skills. How you work with colleagues, manage your work, and solve problems are as important as the technologies you master.

Think about your unique social skills and consider real-life examples that showcase them. For instance, some of the top skills employers are looking for include:

– Innovation and creative problem-solving-

express your enthusiasm for tackling challenges. Every job has obstacles, and employers want to hire people who aren’t afraid to face those challenges, so make sure your interviewer knows you’re one of those people.

– A growth mindset –

professionals with a growth mindset are motivated to achieve goals by continuously learning new skills to navigate a changing market. Essentially, it’s about being adaptable and willing to go beyond the soft and hard skills you already possess.

Show your growth mindset by highlighting instances where you took initiative to learn a new skill to improve your work or keep up with industry changes.

Reverse the Interview

Interviews can sometimes feel like one-sided interrogations, but the purpose of the meeting is to see if you’re a good fit for the role and vice versa. Both you and your interviewer have the right to ask questions.

Asking some intelligent and open-ended questions on your own part will put you in a positive light during an interview.

Consider these:

– What are the team’s plans for the next two years?

This can help you identify if there are growth and development opportunities in your future.

– What type of employee would fit best on your team?

This can help you understand what the employer is looking for. For example, a number cruncher or someone with a more creative input.

– Why do you enjoy working here?

This forces the interviewer to speak subjectively. It will give you insights into the culture, team, and organization.

Interview for Jobs You Truly Want

There’s no point in interviewing for jobs you don’t actually want! Save time and effort by searching for great opportunities in the right place.

ATHENAWORKS can tick all your boxes. Check out our open positions here.

Good luck with your search!